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Sawari Ventures is a venture capital fund dedicated to supporting innovative start-ups whose economic model focuses on using digital technologies.


The aim of Sawari Ventures, a venture capital fund with a target size of USD 70m, will be to invest in about twenty start-ups developing innovative technologies in order to finance their growth and upscaling. The fund will mainly deploy its capital in Egypt, but also in Tunisia and Morocco.


The main impacts of this project on sustainable development are:

  • The diversification of the capital market, as sources of financing for start-ups remain scarce in this region;
  • The creation of high-quality jobs: the project will support the employment and training of over 91,000 direct and indirect jobs, 3,600 of which will be held by women;
  • Training: structuring of a venture capital industry, advice to start-uppers, mentorship of students on the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship…