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From autonomous solar energy systems to mobile payment solutions for unbanked users, technology is helping to solve a wide range of major development problems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs across the continent are combining their technologies and knowledge to find solutions tailored to people’s needs and to drive sustainable growth. 



The revolution brought by new technologies in Africa is accelerating economic transformation at a spectacular pace. After exploring the functionalities of mobile and cloud technologies, start-ups are developing applications that are being used to develop differentiated business models adapted to their markets. They have thus created new technologies, specifically African and therefore in phase with the continent’s lifestyles and complexities, by relying on existing infrastructures in order to supply essential services that traditional approaches were failing to provide. 

The continent has recently launched innovative solutions to the problems its citizens and businesses face. Moreover, recent initiatives have highlighted the strong potential of African technology companies to offer solutions to global problems. The visits of Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichain or Jack Ma just a few years ago prove how much the leaders of the sector are interested in the opportunities to be seized in the region. Proparco also intends to play its part by financing start-ups that provide concrete and innovative solutions to major development problems.

For the tech ecosystem in Africa, the future looks promising!




Nairobi hosts the 3rd Andela campus, after those created in Lagos and Kampala.

Joshua Mwaniki, Andela’s Director for Kenya, presents Andela’s mission while young developers explain what motivated them to apply and join the start-up. Finally, Maurizio Caio from TLcom explains why the Tide Africa fund invested in Andela’s growth.